Trial opens in Turkey over deadly hotel collapse during Feb 6, 2023 earthquake

Media detailed reports on Investigations and trials in disaster-related issues are of special relevance because of the very detailed information gathered and clarification gained.
There typically are situations where previous known danger of disaster was not adequately acted upon.

In the case of earthquakes, there continuously is interest in the application of Building Codes and other proper safety standards.

Clarification then is also needed in terms of possible “conscious negligence”.

Trial opens in Turkey over deadly hotel collapse during earthquake
The Guardian
Turkey earthquake: Why did so many buildings collapse?
BBC News
(very detailed, see videos and fotos before/after earthquake)


Details compiled by German TV as of  April 03, 2024
(subtitles not available, we hope for receiving transscripts later)
Near the end of this video the TV correspondent claims that it is intransparent how many claims in total have been maid concerning the huge number of total fatalities of the 2023 February Earthquake, there seem to be expectations that further large legal proceedings will be launched in the near future.

The core aspect of such investigation is Information Management details.

And the structured and detailed documentation of legal and investigation aspects must be made compulsory practice for all Disaster Management.

The public discussion on possible failures in Safety and Security is not limited to a specific disaster.
There are lots of comparable desasters and loss of lives in Europe and globally.

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Horst Kremers, Engineering Management and Information Sciences
Senior Engineer, Information Systems Strategy Advisor