Media at Times of Crisis and Conflict

Call for papers: Media at Times of Crisis and Conflict

Organiser: British Sociological Association, Media Study Group

Event date: 8 September 2023

Event location: Online (FREE, virtual event).

Abstract submission deadline: 7 July 2023 (details below)


We are living in unusual times. As such, recent and ongoing events-including the pandemic, the energy/ cost of living crisis, the war in Ukraine -provide an opportunity to look again at our ideas about the role and operation of media at times of sustained crises and conflicts.Of interest is to reflect on how ordinary media operations intensify or change in response to conflict and crisis events, near and far, and over time.The measurable implications that these events have for media workers, practices and outputs demand further reflection and comment, as do the character and implications of the wider environment that legacy media now operates , including flows of crisis and conflict communication online and through social media.Relevant also are existing academic concerns over the presence of dominant themes, discourses and voices in crisis and conflict media alongside others about potential opportunities for ‘disruption’ and challenger voices/ perspectives.

While the presence of mis/disinformation is a new and an important development, we cannot overlook either how, at such times, media audiences (loosely defined) navigate, understand, and take part in flows of crisis and conflict communications generally.


In response, this one day FREE event welcomes 20 minute papers that will explore the media at times of crisis and conflict.Relevant themes can include , but are not limited to, the following:

-Comparative analysis of crisis/ conflict media

-Social media and conflict / crisis communications

-Mis/disinformation, echo chambers and filter bubbles

-Journalists, media workers and practices

-Framed legacy and online crisis/conflict reporting

-Analysed news voices, news access and contest

-Representations of expertise, victims and non political news actors

-Humanitarian and charity crisis/ conflict communications

-Public relations and crisis/ conflict news management

-Alternative and citizen crisis / conflict journalism

-Audiences, consumption and reception

Abstract submission:

Please send 250 word abstracts, including name and institutional affiliation,for 20 minute papers to Julian Matthews (

Deadline for abstract submission:Friday 7 July 2023.

Event details:
Date:Friday, 8 September 2023.

Location: Online, FREE virtual event.

Any questions or queries can be forwarded to the organisers – Julian Matthews ( and Giuliana Tiripelli